Refugees Welcome!

Were you in the rally yesterday afternoon to show support for the refugees? If you weren’t I will give you an overview about what we lived.


Yesterday Gothenburg showed once more why is the ‘coolest’ city 😀 . In the afternoon yesterday we had the so awaited demonstration supporting the big wave of refugees that is coming to Europe. The Avenue was closed to transport, thousands of people were gathered in Götaplatsen, and even the sun didn’t miss the opportunity to show some support.


Some sources said that we were more than 10000 people gathered yesterday. Between discourses and music the afternoon was full of positive energy. Imagine so many people reunited with only one goal, it was indeed incredible to see it and live it.


I saw many people from my master programme, from my Scholarship and also professors and administrative personal of the GU.

The supporting organizations were uncountable and they kept adding more and more throughout the day. All of them were showing support through flyers, banners and posters. Also there were very creative people that instead of banners they put a little sign to their dogs or I even saw the Bananas in Pijamas walking around. Everything is valid as long as there is respect for the cause 😉 .

At the end we finished with candles in the middle of Götaplatsen that symbolized the people who came to shelter from war or persecution and died on the way.


Do you think it was important to participate in this demonstration?

I do! To show some support to a global movement not only means that we are fighting for this cause but also that we are young people committed to promoting a culture of peace.

See you in the next one? 😉

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