Welcome (Back!) to Gothenburg

After almost two and a half months outside my beloved Gothenburg I am back 😀 .

Is difficult not to recognize Sweden from the plane right? You only see forests and lakes!


I have to say that I am back fully energized and ready to start my second year of master.

This time I also have many memories…to think that only one year ago I was having the ‘welcome’ experience puts a smile in my face 😀 .

I have been really lucky to experience the Welcome Week twice (spring 2013 and autumn 2014) and from my experience I tell you that most of the people with which I was sharing in the Welcome Week became my group of friends for the rest of the study period. So even if it’s rainy, cloudy or whatever the best thing you can do is to attend the whole event. Over there you’ll find friends and people that will remain during your whole experience 😉 .


This is the period when all the people start mixing; we start learning about other cultures and we make tons of friends.

In my case, even if I am in the second year of master and it’s been only two days since I arrived back in Gothenburg, I have already met new people!

I bet that from now on you’ll have many dinners/parties where you can try dishes from every part of the world, so we did it like that. My Greek friend organized an international dinner! Over there we met her new housemates and a group of incoming students from every part of the world! We had in one table Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin-America together and we had a blast!


In the dinner, I also met a very well organized group of students from the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan. They are organizing many interesting events in Gothenburg for you to know more about the culture of this region. This is their Facebook page for you to get in contact with them and attend the events 😉


When people arrive we all are in the same situation: we all want to share the best and the funniest of our countries. That’s how it happened that we finished even dancing music from all around the world.


What we discovered?

That we had many particular characteristics things but also many things in common! Besides we learned the different ways to say cheers in every language and dance the Macarena (that casually is the only song that everyone knew), we learned also more important things like the weirdest songs in every country, one secret? Rammstein was on the list 😉

So in summary, this days you have to take advantage of the events, attend to all of them, prepare dinners, get to know new people, make friends and don’t forget to attend your first day of school 😉

And what last thing we discovered in the international dinner?

That the famous Spanish song ‘Asereje’ has exactly the same song in Taiwanese version! And here it is!




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