Göteborg-En stad för alla

The last week was full of activities within the West Pride festival!

From the 10th to the 14th we had street markets, concerts and performances. Everything was closed with a flourish with the big West Pride parade on Saturday.


Were you surprised like me?

In Bolivia we celebrate ‘El día internacional del orgullo gay’ (International Day of Gay Pride) on the 28 of June every year commemorating the first event that started the movement for the equal rights of people with diverse gender identities. But being a country still with conservative traditions the people participating in the parade many times hide their identity. Also, not too many institutions participate on the parade and not too many civilians outside LGBTQ movements either. However the support to this cause is visibly increasing from year to year.


Here in Gothenburg I saw kids, seniors, doggies (!), associations, institutions, and many many more people supporting and walking along the West Pride parade (Also the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers were taking part of it!).



I was very proud to be immersed in a country that pretty much papered the city with the multicolor flag supporting the West Pride.


Did you have fun? I did!

Saturday was like a big party! There was Latin music, samba, zumba, electronic, and all kind of energetic music with which we were dancing along the avenue.

I saw Darth Vader, Pikachu and many more famous characters that day 😉 and also I saw many friends taking part of the parade 😀 .


Why this is important?

Have you ever felt judged? Imagine that you are being judged simply because of your identity or your life choices. Now imagine that there are actually many people going through this. Is not fair right?

Spread Love.


Photo credits:

2. www.Lostiempos.com

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