Mini Bonus Blog of the Week: Gothenburg is always memorable!

foo26363What did you do on Friday? Well, I was in the long-awaited concert of Foo Fighters! BUT what happened there is something that none of us could expect it.

I was really excited since it was my first concert ever of an international band as this one. The concert started with the amazing Swedish band ‘Ghost’ that played some songs to heat the concert.

Afterwards…here come the Foo Fighters! They started and everyone was really excited until…in the second song Dave Grohl (band leader) fell down and broke his leg!


There was a general silence in the stately Ullevi Stadium. We were all waiting for answers when suddenly Dave Grohl took the microphone and announced that he broke his leg and he needs to go to the hospital. The band confirmed this and the concert was ‘cancelled’. Many people started leaving and some others remained there. Suddenly Dave Grohl come back to the stage with the broken leg and gives an historical concert of more than 2 and a half hours!


Who would have thought that this could happen to me in my first concert? 😀

Many jokes arose the next day like: ‘Dave Grohl took the BREAK A LEG too seriously’ or the ‘Foot Fighters’ 😉 .


Either way we had an historical and epic concert here in Gothenburg and cataloged as the best concert in the tour and the most memorable moment for Dave Grohl in his 20 years of career.

As I said it before: once you come to Gothenburg you ‘ll never forget this place 😉


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