Farewell post.

After this prolonged silence from my side, most of you probably think I am already gone, but not yet! Truth is this is my last post though, since I´m actually leaving soon. I thought it would be good to say some last words, even though I am sick of writing after my MA thesis…

From my posts you might guess I really enjoyed my time here; University life, this amazing city and cycling of course. For me the assimilation wasn´t that difficult, since the cultural differences are not so big, yet I regret I haven´t spent much time on learning Swedish. You can easily live here without it, yet after some time you realized your social life would be so much richer, if you would learn the language. No point to cry over spilled milk as they say, but for those who are coming to Sweden, give it a go! Even if you´re gonna be here only for one semester, it´ll pay off!

The best bunch!
The best bunch!

My days of being HDK student are over (at least for now), but I am looking forward to join Alumni network and hope to be in touch as much as I can. Our University offers many extra courses during summer and also school year you can apply for, and I think I´ll use this opportunity too. But my plans for now are to enjoy summer, before I move again. Next stop is Rotterdam, Netherlands, where I got an internship in a design studio. There are some similarities between Rotterdam and Gothenburg, it´s a port, cycling paths, rainy weather, but from what I heard it lacks cosiness of  Gothenburg. Well, no surprise there, hard to compete in that with our Gothenburg, right?! Still I am looking forward to a new scene and some new experiences. And hopefully I´ll take upon my own advice and learn some Dutch.

Mama´s boy!
Mama´s boy!

Nevertheless, Gothenburg will always stays in my heart, two years passed in the blink of an eye, yet I won´t leave as a same person I was before. All the time I spent abroad really changed me, but two years in such an inspirational place as HDK (GU, Gothenburg, Sweden!) did miracles!

Peace & Love


PS: Those pictures are from HDK Graduation party, which was a bomb, if you wondered…

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