Heroes’ day!

I bet last week was like a race for many of you (and I am not talking about the Saturday’s half marathon 😉 ). Between home exams and papers, almost all of us were busy this past week, but nothing stop us for having a bit of fresh air and relax on Saturday.

First of all congratulations to all of you who run and in the famous GöteborgsVarvet half marathon!

Did you know that this is one of the largest races in the world? And did you know that some of the percentage of the money goes for charity? So congratulations to the heroes that contributed for making some people’s lifes happier 🙂


In figures, the official site stated that there were 64 000 registered runners and more than 200 000 spectators.

If you took part of it, whether you finished or not, you are a winner already :). And if you didn’t participate why don’t we do it next year? I bet you were like me watching the marathon and asking yourself why I didn’t sign up? But is never late! GöteborgsVarvet 2016 here I come!


After this, if you are living in the Olofshöjd residence for students, there was the famous annual Olofshöjd Festival that is a celebration with live music, activities and good vibe! The festival wasn’t had a bunch of activities including meditation, yoga and a volley-ball championship! I didn’t have the opportunity to play in the championship but I was in the music area whit my friends and besides the paper-mood we had a really good time!


To close with a flourish, together with my friends we had a Greek dinner to watch the Eurovision. Being people from different nationalities we were supporting different countries for different reasons.

This is the first photo of the Eurovision:


Ok, ok the dinner was amazing and also…my two friends from Mexico and China were as confused as I was about the Eurovision competition. So, in the first period we were paying more attention to the delicious Pasticcio made by my Greek friend Argiro 😀 .

But despite of being more lost than an olive in a cake we started enjoying the competition and at the end we had our favorites too.

The moment came, the results were announced and after a long waiting time they finally announced the winner: Sweden ladies and gentleman!


Believe it or not we all had a smile in our faces, after all Sweden is our Home Swedish (Sweet) Home now.  And we were happy too because next year we will have the Eurovision here in Sweden 😀 . Do you wanna know a secret? The first time that I came to Sweden in 2013 the Eurovision was carried out in Sweden too in Malmö 😉 Am I hearing the word ‘Amulet’ somewhere? 😉


After a day full of overcome challenges I just can say: Congratulations Sweden! It was definitely a Heroes’ day!

And why I am a hero too? Because I finished my final paper 😉 Summer I am waiting for you!

WIEN 2015-05-21  Sveriges Måns Zelmerlöw framför bidraget Heroes vid semifinal två under Eurovision Song Contest 2015 i Wiener Stadthalle i Wien.  Foto: Jessica Gow / TT / Kod 10070

Photo Credits:

1. Mercè Montoliu Nerín

2. Mercè Montoliu Nerín

6. http://www.eurovision.tv/

7. http://www.eurovision.tv/

2 thoughts on “Heroes’ day!

  1. Congrats to finalizing the papers!! ☺
    A question – what is your feeling of continuing blogging during the summer? And next semester perhaps? We will recruit more bloggers but you are welcome to stay on if you want to.


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