The ‘Jaha! Bulletin’ # 3

Here I am again telling you my stories about my ‘Swedification’.

Yesterday I was with my international friends talking about upcoming concerts. You know I have photographic memory so it was like this:


We were talking about rock, pop and every kind of concerts that will take place in Gothenburg. So it went like this:

– Majo: Ah!!! BTW Are we going to Veronica Maggio?

– Friends: Who?

– Majo: You don’t know Veronica Maggio? Come on guys she is a really nice singer from…Sweden!!!

And that’s when I realized that I was talking about a very very Swedish artist as almost natural for me. I was surprised and almost offended because my friends didn’t know her.

Once again the ‘Sweedness’ reached majo 😉

Veronica Maggio ‘jag kommer’ to see you!!!


VERO*For those who doesn’t know who is she 😉 :

Photo credits:



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