On rain and bad weather…

Hope you enjoyed past sunny days, because Gothenburg is showing its true face again! But who  would be discouraged by a little rain, we all love Gothenburg undoubtedly, right?! This is a little plea for rain and bad weather. Because what is better than waking up in the morning, while rain drops are beating against your window and dim light is gently pushing through the clouds…You´re slowly drinking your coffee while you watching new day waking up together with you. And then you finally leave your home and you get big strong kiss of wind and rain, which say “Go get them, tiger!”.

“One must know the so-called ‘lesson of a downpour.’ A man, caught in a sudden rain en route, dashes along the road not to get wet or drenched. Once one takes it for granted that in rain he naturally gets wet, he can be in a tranquil frame of mind even when soaked to the skin. This lesson applies to everything.”
Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Photo by Anni Casati aka @annipomodorino

In the evening, when you come back home after very long day, the same sound of rain drops against windows is calming you down and eventually putting you to sleep. So tell me, what´s not to love about bad weather?

PS: It´s seems it´s gonna be a sunny day today! You never know what Gothenburg is planning for you…:)

PPS: I am also adding my personal soundtrack for rainy evenings…

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