On Hanami at Botaniska Trädgården…

I spent lovely afternoon at Botaniska Trädgården today and celebrated Hanami!

Cherry-trees in Botaniska Trädgården!

Hanami is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying blossoming cherry trees when people gather under the cherry trees and having a picnic and parties until nightfall…Plenty of people gathered today at Botaniska Trädgården to see different shows or just hang out in this beautiful park. I meet with my friends in front of the garden and we slowly walked through the park.

Fang against the sky...
Fang against the sky…

Unfortunately we missed most of the show, but I didn´t mind that much, since I´ve already seen it last year. There were still a few groups practicing different Asian martial arts  and people dressed in traditional Japanese costumes walking around. Of course all those hard-core fans of Japanese culture couldn´t miss event like this, so fair amount of cosplay buffs meet there as well. In the end it was really colorful mixture of people! Botaniska Trädgården is mostly about flora of course, so you had chance to learn something about dozens of different trees and flowers from Japan.  For a while we walk with the crowd, but eventually we took some smaller side-paths until we got up to the high rock where we basked in the sun while eating and enjoying the view. I hope you all had a great time as I did, and those who weren´t there today should definitely visit it soon! Good thing is, it won´t be as crowded as it was today so you will have chance to find some quite place and time to admire the beauty around you!

All the best,


PS: Next weekend , if the weather allows, I am planning a two-days hiking trip, which I´ll share with you…

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