The ‘Jaha! Bulletin’ #2

In the ‘Jaha! Bulletin’ I will narrate stories about me surprisingly getting Swedish customs without even noticing!

In the first ‘Jaha! Bulletin’ I talked about the ‘Last cookie’, you can see it here 😉

This time is as it follows. I was talking with my friends about visiting Botaniska on Wednesday because, as you probably noticed already, it is spring in Gothenburg!

We set the time Wednesday at 15:00, when suddenly I pronounced the words: ‘Oh sorry I can’t! I have booked the laundry at 15:00!’ After five minutes of silence I just noticed that that’s the most Swedish reason for not going somewhere or doing something! In the Swedish culture the laundry times are sacred, don’t you ever use someone else’s laundry time or you will be dead…soon! (Just Kidding). But really, be extremely aware that Swedes have an intrinsic law about the laundry times and no one should interrupt this bounding moment between them and their clothes 😉 . Guess what, someone is acquiring this custom…me!



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