You Have Been Admitted to the University of Gothenburg

These times bring back memories to me…memories about me biting my nails waiting for an answer from the University. Everything in my life was in hold until I received ‘the letter’.


For people that come from far far away like me everything get another meaning when you get the letter of admission, let me explain you this. Is easy to say that if I applied is because I indeed want to go to Sweden, but once you really get ‘the letter’ everything start getting shape in your mind. In my case was double nervous because I was waiting also the acceptance letter from the scholarship and once I got both it was REAL.


Wow I’m going to Sweden for 2 years! What about my family? My dog? My friends? My dog? My job? My dog? (True story). Everything starts crossing your mind given the fact that I knew it would be difficult to go back to my country inside those two years. But one thing that surprised me is that all these fears that I felt disappeared really really fast!

The emotion starts when the adventure starts, doing what? the following 😉

Documents (Do it now!)

First of all is never too early to start preparing your documents in the Swedish embassy. The procedure will take several weeks until you get the visa so don’t hesitate to start it really soon. Don’t be afraid to ask whatever question it comes to your mind in the embassy since the people there is there for helping you.

One confession…I look awful both in my passport photo and in my resident permit card, and you will look bad too! (just kidding :D)

Feeling homeless is normal!

The second step that is another urgent one is to start looking for accommodation. You can start subscribing to SGS (Have a look of my previous blogs to have a clearer idea of what steps to take to get accommodation ;)). As I said before you might feel hopeless (and homeless) sometime but that is normal! (sad but true ;)). But, don’t worry! It take me months (yes) but at the end I got accomodation and I wasn’t homeless anymore 🙂 You’ll find it too!


Facebook is key

Start following the University of Gothenburg or Chalmers in Facebook, is a good way to start feeling the University environment. Also look for groups of previous years of your future Master or Bachelor programme, over there you will find people that can inform you about important things and also you can possibly find friends that will be here when you come. Over there I got in contact with the current people of my Master programme and now we are really good friends 🙂

Get a student buddy

Suddenly in the upcoming months you will start receiving a lot of e-mails from the University, in one of them they will ask you if you want to get a Student Buddy. The Student Buddy is a person like you and me that came the previous years or lives here and is the best contact to have for the previous months prior to your arrival. When suddenly a question comes to your mind like how expensive is the food or if it is dangerous to feed squirrels on the street (true story too) they will be there to help you :).


Time will fly!

Indeed time flies! So the best you can do is to take advantage of all the time that you are spending in your hometown. Do it like this:

1. Take your dog for a walk

2. Feed your doggy with a lot of delicious things

3. Pet it

4. Tell your dog that you love it!

(Repeat 1-4 with your family)

Ok, ok, now for real, spend quality time with your family and friends, take a lot of pictures and talk with them about how excited you are or about your fears. These memories will go with you all along your trip :D.


As you see I followed all these steps and here I am. No regrets and having the time of my life! As I always say Gothenburg is the perfect city for having a proper student life, so If you are still clearing your mind about coming here trust me: you won’t regret!.

4 thoughts on “You Have Been Admitted to the University of Gothenburg

  1. Dear Majo,
    I am from the central america, I have been admitted to the University of Gothenburg to study a Master in Finance. It’s the second time they accept me, however, I don’t have the funds to come true this long lasting dream of earning a master in Sweden. I would really appreciate if you helped me with some questions,
    Do you know about a organization in Sweden that provides loans to students?
    Do you know about a organization or company that provides part-time job?
    Do you know about any other means to finance your study there?
    I applied to a scholarship with the university of Gothenburg, I haven’t received a reply yet but even if I were selected my fund are still inadequate to cover the housing and living costs.
    Majo, please I appreciate any info you can provide to me.
    Thanks in advance anyway.

    1. Hey Joe! I am currently a Scholarship holder of the Swedish Institute. And since this is a Scholarship that covers both studying and living costs might interest you. The web page is this one
      Get in there and you’ll find some options about what you can do to apply for a Scholarship. Unfortunately the period of applications is over but there will be a new round for the next year starting approximately on November 2015.

      Best of the luck and I hope to see you in Gothenburg soon! 🙂

  2. JUST what I was looking for! You managed to mix both the emotional part of this, as well as giving some good tips on the way. Well done! I will post it on facebook now.

    Have a great weekend!

    P.S And I hope all went well with your dog

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