The ‘Jaha! Bulletin’ #1

Awesome week guys! We had an eclipse, the northern lights and a home exam ;).  I guess is the magic of the last week of class almost for all of us.

Listen what happened to me some days ago. Thanks to the best invention in history: Ryanair, I had the opportunity to go to Paris for some days and something strange happened to me. I was in a party with some friends when suddenly I wanted to take a cookie and I reached out my hand to take one. But it was the last one so I immediately stopped. Question: Why did I do this? Normally I would have taken it like nothing has happened, but In that moment I realized that the Swedish customs are really affecting me 🙂 . I also realized that I was not in Sweden when a Greek guy came and ate it without any second thoughts.  Guess who was: my boyfriend!


For the Swedes the last piece of cake, cookies or pastry, is a sacred piece that no one should take. The name of this last piece is ‘trivselbit’ and if you want to make a good impression for the Swedes listen to me: Don’t eat that piece! 😉

It was funny for me to see how I am assimilating some Swedish customs without even noticing :D!


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