On Styrsö and hot-dogs…

Styrsö Island, with its 1400 inhabitants, is located in the southern part of the archipelago (57° 36´ 59″ N, 11° 47´8″ E). There are four small villages, the oldest one is called Byn, than there is traditional fishing village Tången, Halsnik and Bratten. The island has two supermarkets, two cafés, two guesthouses, two local history museums and a church from 1752. Three ferry quays connects Styrsö with the mainland. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to get to Saltholmen and you can use your Västtrafik card (tram 11 from Central Station/Brunnsparken/Järntorget goes to Saltholmen).

Styrsö is crisscrossed with paved roads, footpaths and dirt-roads, which lead to beautiful picnic areas and rocky cliffs with great views. There are plenty of places for swimming and fishing spots on the south.

Anja, Stefan and me decided to visit Donsö Island first and walk from Donsö to Styrsö since they´re connected by bridge. All the locals are using club or three-wheeled mopeds aka “lastmoppe” for transportation, so watch-out for those! When we arrived to Donsö we bought some groceries at the local store and walked around a bit. After some unsuccessful fishing attempts we decided to head out to Styrsö and start a campfire, since we all got really hungry. Through streets of Donsö, across the bridge and walking along the coast we found a beginning of a trail to inland part of Styrsö. Comparing to the other islands, Styrsö has probably the smallest “nature” area so it´s not very suitable for longer hikes. Nevertheless it´s good enough for some weekend retreat! The trail lead us through broad-leaf forest, where you could hear sounds of many different birds, to nice glade with a campfire next to a big boulder rock. We collected some wood and after some struggle we made a fire! We sharpened some sticks and prepared our sausages, halloumi cheese, crackers and beer.

"Campfire hot-dog promo." by Anja P.
“Campfire hot-dog promo.” by Anja P.

When we finished our meals it was time to head back, since the day moved and it was getting dark. We walked through Byn to quay and waited for ferry back to the city. A bit tired, smelly from the campfire, but happy and full of gumption for the next week!

"That´s not a safe altitude." by Anja P.
“That´s not a safe altitude.” by Anja P.

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