The Ultimate Guide of Tips to PIMP Your Room!

February is almost over and for those who just came for the spring semester I bet you are already acclimated to this wonderful city.

When you arrive to Gothenburg is always the same, you are in the hurry for everything and just getting adjust to your new place and neighbors. But one month flew! And now is time to settle in your new place. I know how’s everyone, we are students and we don’t want to spend too much money in…nothing! But this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a cozy crib 😉 .

So here I bring you the ultimate guide of quick and cheap advices to PIMP your room:

Just frame it!

Do you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, a dog or a plant that you miss a lot? Frame it! There’s a common saying that goes like this: ‘A picture it worth a thousand words’ and this is so true when you are away of your beloved ones. I bet you bring some photos from home or you took already amazing photos here, then what are you waiting to frame them and put them around the room? First of all these will give more personality to your room because you can find picture frames in every color and shape. Secondly this will make you feel closer to your family, girlfriend, boyfriend or whoever you are missing in home, don’t forget that also the pics that you took here will make you laugh and appreciate this experience every time that you see them.

Price photo frame: From 10 SEK in IKEA or TGR

Print photos: From 5 SEK each (In the Vasaplatsen tram stop you’ll find a place to print your photos and the owner is a nice Greek guy that will try to sell you olive oil too 😉 so, win win deal!)


Vintage Style

In Gothenburg you can find second hand stores all around the city. Some of them have only clothes or some other include decoration. If you have that retro vintage style this stores are your dream come true! In these stores you can find everything from flower pots, candle holders and trimmings with a unique design and low prices.


Light it up!

A good habit I learned from the Swedes is to put candles everywhere all the time 😉 , here in Gothenburg people love candles and you won’t be the exception. The candles will make your place feel more cozy and peaceful. Besides this you can find a variety of scented candles that together with their nice colors will function as a nice decoration for your room.

Price: From 7 SEK in IKEA, TGR and many other places!



I don’t know if you noticed but a common way of making publicity in Sweden is through postcards. They have all kinds off it in stores, shopping malls and in the university too. A nice way to use these postcards is to collect them and then use them as decoration. The postcards are almost always really artistic, colorful and creative, so you can easily either frame them or tape them in your walls. This will give a lot of personality and an artistic flair to your room.


Roses are red; violets are blue…and cheap!

What a wonderful feeling to wake up with the fragrance of fresh flowers! The are available in every supermarket and specialty stores in reasonable prices. Well… if you are a professional plants killer like me you can also find an alternative buying artificial flowers 😉 just make sure that they look a bit real 😀


From gray to color

Every time that you are about to decorate your room think about color schemes. A secret for this is to take three colors and work with this in all the ranges. The colors not necessarily have to be combined; they can be contrasting colors that will illuminate your room.


Be creative!

Yes, we are students and we consume a lot of canned food or candies, but a good way to get rid of these packages is actually not getting rid of them. Why don’t you try to recycle these into a nice pencil case or jeweler? It is possible! And is fun 🙂 Be creative!

Here I give you a bit of inspiration with this wonderful 100%recicled jeweler that my Spanish friend Mercè made 😉 Enjoy it!


Photo credits:


#8: Mercè Montoliu Nerín

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