Get Warm In The Cold!

It has been a weird winter in Gothenburg…cold days, warm days, rain, snow and sun. For example did you know that the past Monday was one of the hottest February days in the history of Gothenburg? We have reached temperatures of 11,5 degrees that day, and I got confused whether I was still in Sweden or not anymore. Just for you to have a comparison in my hometown Bolivia we are in summer and on Monday we got 5 degrees :D! (cold!).


Ok this is not an everyday thing, normally these days we are colder than that. One thing that we like to do when is cold outside is stay inside for sure. But stay indoors does not mean not being in motion! What happen if I tell you that you can run, exercise and have fun in a Caribbean place in Gothenburg? It looks like I am talking about two contradictory concepts but they are not, this is actually true!

In my search of discovering new things in the city (being sincere sometimes I discover them accidentally, but anyways 😉 ) I got to know activities that you can do whenever you are in the sporty mood.

Go to play beach-volley! (Seriously)

Did you know that Gothenburg has one of the biggest beach volley centers in Europe? It’s true and it’s here! When I was walking to the Beach Center for the first time it was snowing heavily and I went through the door and magically I was on the beach! Indeed it is a beach volley center full of sand and decoration that makes you feel in a beachJ. Besides this you have a bar and restaurant there with nice food for you to get in the sporty mood ;). The fee entrance is 60 SEK but believe me totally worth it. Go with your friends, kill each other and have fun!


Watch a basketball game

Are you into basketball? Then get ready and attend a basketball game, it is really fun and it is for free! One week ago I had the opportunity to watch a basketball game: Greece vs. Sweden, and let me tell you that I had so much fun! Besides having a great time along the game you will also have the opportunity to meet people from other countries. If you play basketball this is also a good way to get in contact with people that can give you the best advices about places, teams and training.

In the link you will find the Facebook game of the Greek basketball team (Hellas Gothenburg) and the Swedish team (Mölndal Basket) where it is announced basketball games every week.


Go to the gym! (Why not?)

I have to admit that I am a bit lazy when is about exercise but since my New Year’s Eve resolution was to keep (get) fit and healthy I decided to get commit with it. One good thing that you learn in the gym is that you feel that you are investing time and money for getting healthy so immediately you change some lazy ‘daily’ activities and get healthier habits.

One advice that I can give you is to go and try the gyms so you feel comfortable with it plus you can save some money. Normally the gyms here have a trial week so you can go try some of them and then decide what fits you best.


These are three nice activities for remain active in winter, but I’m sure you have one hundred more in your mind, what about bowling or ping pong? The options are infinite and I’m sure you will discover them over time. 😀

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