Hey! Ho! Let’s snow!

Hello everyone! Crazy days ha? It snows, it rains and suddenly the sun rises! If you are new here, how are you dealing with the snow? Probably is the first snow that you see in this season or probably is the first that you see in your life!. This time is the second time in my life that I am experiencing snow and I feel like a pro already (not!)

My experience can be based in the next image.


I saw the first snow of this season some days ago when I was going out of classes, suddenly a big storm of snow came! (Big for me everyone was telling me that is nothing actually) And me and my German friend decided to use an umbrella to cover from the snow, wise decision (not!), almost one minute after the umbrella was upside down because of the wind. So I remembered that I had a rain poncho somewhere in my backpack and I didn’t hesitate to use it. Of course there were some people looking at me like WTF! I mean…like WTH! 😀 .

If you are experiencing some of these things in the snowy days let me tell you some tips for you to get along a bit better with the snow 😉

1. Snow doesn’t mean cold…

Is crazy but some Swedish people told me that they are waiting for the snow because is more ‘cozy’ (yes, they used the word cozy), more illuminated and no that cold. I am experiencing exactly that and it is true but it always depends. One factor to have in mind is the wind, when is windy then is extremely cold, but when is not windy (even if it is snowy) is not that bad!


2. Layers is the solution

No matter if you are a man or woman, tights is something that you should have in your wardrobe this time of the year. I thought that I could be ok with my super power jeans but it came to be that the jeans are a cold fabric so if you use cotton made tights or leggings inside the jeans will make a huge difference! And don’t forget about the thermal shirts, they will keep you warm too.

Multicolored clothes pile

3. Cover your head!

Some people told me that the cold gets in to your body from the head or from the feet, so try to use good socks and a good hat! Don’t worry about your fancy hear style, with or without a hat the outcome is the same given the fact that we have strong wind this season so let your hair go! 😉

invierno 2

4. Astronaut shoes

I am a tiny person but when it snows I use my big, widths, astronaut shoes 😉 and indeed I look like an astronaut but who cares!? If you are planning to use those beautiful leather shoes that you bought some months ago, think about it twice! The snow may damage them plus you could slip (is not that it won’t be funny but still). Sweden is a country that is adjusted to the snow so if you check out the shoe stores you will find a huge variety of shoes for snow including those that won’t make you look like an astronaut.

INVIERNO def(Any resemblance to fiction is pure reality!)

5. Enjoy the snow!

Don’t forget that there’s not bad weather only bad clothes, so enjoy this season! Have a normal life, go out, go running or walking and build some snow men. Keep in mind that this landscape is only once a year and you might not have the opportunity to see a frozen lake or trees covered with snow in a long time! Give it a chance to winter, you will have fun, believe me 😀

invierno 4

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