To say “Hej Då” is not easy…

Hello guys! I hope you had the best Christmas time! Today I am here to write my last post. Yeap… the last one :/ I will miss sharing Gothenburg with you and I hope that you enjoyed reading my posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. I did not know what to write about and I still don’t. So I decided to summarize my amazing 16 months in here.

Everything started as a lost recently graduate student who wanted to experience something different. I applied for a scholarship, got it and entangle in the trip that will change my life. I had never before been to Europe, I did not know anything about Sweden, I lived in a country of an eternal summer… Nonetheless, I took the plane and arrive in Gothenburg to discover a new world, culture and weather ( of course 😉 ).

pic2                                                      From the forest…      P1180048                                                   To Ice skating!

In Sweden I have learned a lot of things and one of them is to: Don’t be afraid to be alone. I met the most amazing people and friends during my time in Göteborg. People who became a family to me, people to trust, people who supports you. You will miss your family but this experience will make you grow so much as a person and it will make you appreciate your family for real!  You will learn to appreciate yourself and your own company. It is an opportunity to get to know yourself better.


I have Explored: I have met places I never imagined I would be able to see. I visited the Ice hotel, saw northern lights, fed rein deers, made Dog sledging. I got to know Germany, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Spain and more of the beautiful countries in Europe.


I have Learned!:  I learned to be tolerant and embrace other cultures, religions and points of view. I learned to cook different international dishes and tasted so many different cultures in one only dinner! I learned that the world is big and different and if you stay in your bubble you are missing soooo much of it!!!

CR, Finland, Italy, Spain , Switzerland, Austria, France  in 1 pic ;)
CR, Finland, Italy, Spain , Switzerland, Austria, France in 1 pic 😉

I have studied: I am about to graduate as a master in Molecular Biology. I have experienced the first world access to technology which I would not have been able to do if I stayed in my home country. I enjoyed the distinct perception of science in Europe and how scientist are actually appreciated.

At the introduction week :O Time flies !!
At the introduction week :O Time flies !!

Gothenburg has given me so much and even though I miss my home and I want to go back. I will do it all over again and I will come back to Europe after I visit home. All this because you cannot avoid to fall in love with the mix of cultures and languages, the historical presence of every building, the beauty of every landscape. Sweden might have a dark winter but the warm of the people, the coziness of the city, the beautiful traditions  just make you wanna live it!

We cheer and wait for you in Sweden!
We cheer and wait for you in Sweden!

Today I will keep enjoying Gothenburg and I hope I have encourage you to come here and enjoy it as well !

Today I could say “Hej då” but I have always rather say “Vi ses snart” because you never know where we might meet or where we will end up! 😀


Nos vemos ! :*
Nos vemos ! :*

Naza 😀

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