In which city you can see more stars on the earth than on the sky?

Is Christmas period, and we feel an atmosphere of peace and love, well… we feel the cold too! But when this season arrives, Gothenburg shows us its other face, a city full of lights that becomes cozy by itself.

P1240501Gothenburg has its own Christmas traditions and customs. And I’ll tell you some of the most well-known ones for you to be prepared in this season.

1. Twinkle, twinkle little star

By any chance did you see lighted stars hanging in the windows? Imagine a city where you can see more stars on the earth than on the sky, well that’s Gothenburg J . You will see these stars shining from the first Sunday of advent in the countdown for Christmas. You can get these beautiful stars in the shops around the city or in IKEA in a reasonable price, but don’t hesitate in making yourself; it could be a really nice Christmas present too ;).

estre2. That’s hot!

Have you ever tried warm wine? If not, come to Sweden in Christmas period and you’ll have the opportunity to try Glogg. This drink is basically sweet mulled wine (you can find also the non-alcoholic version) and you can also accompany this with almonds and raisins.

3. Kaka is always good!

You are never full enough to not eating a Pepparkakkor. These cookies are made of ginger and have the shape of flowers, hearts or stars. Once you try the Pepparkakkor you will always associate the taste of this cookie with the Christmas in Sweden. The price? You can get them from 8 SEK in the supermarkets 😉 .


4. Everything is valid when is about a Christmas tree

Can you imagine a pink Christmas tree? If you go around the city in this season you will find all kinds of Christmas trees! So be creative when is about to get one.

arbol5. Donald Duck Cartoons?

Have you ever heard about the Swedish Christmas tradition to watch the Donald Duck show? Well, actually I’m asking myself if this is a myth or a real tradition. So why not check it by ourselfes? It is supposed to play in the main Swedish television channel on the 24 of December. Be prepared!

What about activities? Christmas period in Gothenburg is full of activities too, so get your friends, a coat (maybe an umbrella 😉 ) and be ready for having fun!

1. Visit the Christmas markets

Ok, everyone is going home this season, you want some vacations too, and basically you don’t want to spend too much money… it doesn’t matter! The Christmas markets are not only for shopaholics, totally worth going there only for get the Christmas feeling, to see nice decoration, beautiful lights and get soak with Swedish traditions. Haga have a nice Christmas market together with Brunnsparken, but a funny thing to do is to go around the city and discover these beautiful markets. And of course if you are in the mood to make it big you can go to one of the most famous Christmas markets in Liseberg. Are you ready?

P12404072. The singing Christmas tree

The singing Christmas tree is a Christmas tree that sings…well I am not that good for explaining things but if you wanna discover what is this you should see it with your own eyes! You will find it in Drottningtorget, the schedule is in the link below 😉

3. Film show in Götaplatsen

Can you place yourself in the Poseidon? Imagine having an open showing of films here, this is your opportunity to have this public art performance on Christmas! This daily show of films and cartoons is running till the 31st of December. The schedule is in the link below.

Have yourself a merry, little, cozy, lighted, beautiful Christmas and may the force be with you ;).

God Jul!

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