Why is everyone talking about Lucia ?

Hej hej Guys !!! Desperate for Christmas break ??? It is almost here. Keep it up!!!

With Christmas so close, everything get so cozy and you want to sing Christmas songs  all the time aaand Of coooourse you  also  think about which present are you going to ask Santa this year 😉 Besides this, if you are in Sweden like me and a bunch of other adventurous students, you might be involved with  tons of pepparkakor, glög, candles and Saffron buns.

Talking about Saffron buns, they are also called St.Lucia buns  and if  you have not heard about Lucia in Sweden you are doing something wrong 😉 . St. Lucia’s day is the most expected holiday after midsummer. I have to say that swedes take their traditions really seriously, just today our lab performed Lucia to a room full of people at 8 am! yes, yes 8 am because is never too early to celebrate. Swedes say that to celebrate Lucia will give you the light you need to go through the dark winter. Which sounds really nice, as nice as to get up before the sun and enjoy her light instead 🙂

I really enjoyed getting involved in  such a  Swedish tradition. Practice all the songs ( just in case you are wondering: YES! 😀 we sang in Swedish :/ ). Even though we had, Spanish, Indian, Costarican, Slovenian, French and Chinese people singing Swedish, I would admit that we did pretty well.

International Lucia 😀

Lucia is an old Scandinavian tradition originated in Italy. The story of Lucia as told from some lab-mates is quite tragic ( and I will let you do your research about it  😉 ). Nonetheless it gave birth to a lovely tradition, full of hope and light!

Lucia does not walk or sing alone in front of her public, every 13 of December all around Sweden. She is usually accompanied by her  maids,  star boys (stjärngossar) and gingerbread men.

Our Lucia team! mais, star boys and ginger breads! We even had a Santa ;)
Our Lucia team! maids, star boys and ginger breads! We even had a Santa 😉

The first Lucia to be elected to represent Sweden was back 1927 in Stockholm and from that year it became a tradition to choose a Lucia who will represent each town of Sweden. The Lucia who will represent Sweden is chosen between the lucky winners of each town . Lucia dress  in white and usually with a red ribbon in her waist, and a crown of candles that represents the light in the darkest day of the year. Before the celebration coincided with the winter solstice, making it a festival of light and hope for brighter days to come.

Our beautiful Lucia !
Our beautiful Lucia !

I encourage you to go out this Saturday 13 of December to a church and live the tradition. Get involve, feel like a swede 😉 … It is a touching, lovable experience.

Also I will leave you some links to the traditional songs performed in Lucia’s day!! If you were curious about our performance. We actually sang the next songs: Natten går tunga fjät, Staffan Stalledräng, Tre pepparkaksgubbar and to be fair 2 english songs: Rudolph and Jingle bells!!




…and what would all have been without Swedish FIKA!! at the end right?


Vi ses snart,

Naza 🙂

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