Finding accommodation in Gothenburg: Nightmare or adventure?

One of the most stressing parts of moving to another country is always the housing. Day by day we find ourselves struggling for finding the perfect place to live.

I have to confess that this year I have lived in three different places already, but the last year in the first try I found a place where I stayed the whole semester. So with this I’m telling you that this is a matter of luck, faith and a lot of patience.

I can almost see myself in you right now refreshing the housing webpages every hour or having your mobile phone with the internet working everywhere.

Once you are here and you look back you see that more than a nightmare this was an adventure and you can almost laugh about it. But just to make this adventure more enjoyable I will give you some tips that may help you in this mission.


Don’t get stressed: When you get anxious about the housing sometimes you can make fast decisions that at the end could not be the best decisions. Take a breath, give yourself time, get a bit distracted doing some other things and you’ll see that afterwards you will have clearer thoughts.

Start queuing since early: Housing webpages like SGS operate with a queuing system. So if you start queuing since early you will have more opportunities to get a place. I know how frustrating is to see yourself as a +51 number, but be patient and believe me it will pay.

The perfect doesn’t exist: If you are looking for the perfect place you might get disappointed. Don’t expect that everything will be perfect in your room, maybe you won’t have the best view or the number of windows that you wanted or the color of walls that you like but hey! Is ok!, you have a place to stay and you can always pimp it for it to be yours.

accom1Think if you like more the nature or the urban: This is key when you are about deciding where to stay. Well, Gothenburg is not the best example to divide urban and nature since the nature is everywhere!. There are forests and lakes just in the middle of the city. But you can always decide whether if you like the lights of the city or the calm of further areas.

Take a look to the transport connections: You should decide if you like to walk or ride a tram. If your case is the second one then is important for you to have a look about how well connected is your place to the university or other important places for you. Don’t forget that Gothenburg is an excellent place to get a bike, and given the fact that the center of Gothenburg is not that big you can reach pretty much everywhere with this transport.


Take advantage of the social networks: Try to join all of the Facebook pages and blogs about accommodation in Gothenburg, they will give you more opportunities to find a place but also is a space where you can get information about certain places. You can always ask how does this area looks like, how good is to live in one student housing or another, or if this place is closer to the University than the other. Don’t forget that normally the people in this webpages are in your position or have been already there, so everyone is willing to help.

Finally enjoy the experience, don’t forget that this is one more step to reach the goal of coming to study here in Gothenburg and after knowing all the joys that you will have here you will see that it was worth it!. 😀

2 thoughts on “Finding accommodation in Gothenburg: Nightmare or adventure?

  1. Maybe you could help by naming some of those anonymous facebook pages and blogs about accommodation in Gothenburg? 😉 Thanks a lot 🙂

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