10 reasons why studying in Sweden rocks!

My results for the first two courses are out and I thank heavens that I didn’t flunk! While the courses were not exactly what you call a cakewalk, I think studying in Gothenburg and Sweden for that matter rocks! My experience has been quite a fine revelation and very impressive. While I think highly of the Higher education of Sweden, here are 10 reasons why you all should join my university or chose Sweden for your education!

  1. The courses are exhaustive, general and extensive.

I began by reading lots of scholarly articles slowly descending into writing papers, assignments and more and more like research work. Very extensive and packed! Very different from the type of education that I had in India, but quite a pleasant change. Of course, nothing came easy but that’s what the challenge is right?

  1. Emphasis both on theory and practical.

The semesters are designed in such a manner that balance is maintained between theory and practical. You would have lots of case studies, interaction sessions, research papers to read and presentations to skill. So mostly as a person too you have to be very calm, quick witted, strong in written as well spoken English and have great soft skills!

  1. Very helpful staff and students!.

What else could a student wish from the place they study? As much as the administrative staff is helpful so are the students too. There is hardly any sort of nasty ‘competition’ brewing among the students here and they reach out to help internationals who are new to the Swedish way of studying.

  1. Taught from the perspective of working in Sweden.

My favorite point in the list. All the courses, enactments, role plays in the sessions are designed in such a way that you can relate it easily to the working life in Sweden. They prepare you for the bigger battle outside.

  1. Learn at your own pace.

There is no hurry business here. Choose how many courses can do finish at one go. Drop out in the middle in case of a job thing. Ask what you don’t understand. Express what you feel in the class. And you can re appear for the exams, assignments if you feel you are not ready for time being.

  1. Work as well as Study!

Like mentioned earlier, one of the few universities especially in Sweden which allows you to work part time. Your pocket too is pleased and so is your brain for giving it the intellectual upliftment. Double bonanza!

  1. No studying for full days or full weeks.

You have classes only for three-four days maximum in a week. Even daily you don’t have more than 3-4 hours of classes at a stretch. Rest time is reserved for group sessions, assignments, library bookings and your personal free time.

  1. Lots of cultural events to get breaks!

You have lots of companies coming for breakfast sessions, cultural events, students meeting at a pub, something that would get you to know the Swedish way of life, a little better. A must try out! They take your mind of the assignments to write, approaching deadlines and the exam fever!

  1. Globally recognized and breathtaking campuses!

It is no secret that the country in which the coveted Nobel Prize is given has education that is of a global standard. Some of the professors have written and published their own books, and several research papers.  Students as well as the professors have worked, lived and travelled a lot abroad, studying as well as working bringing to the lectures a very diverse and global feeling.

And such green, spacious campuses with lots of rooms and corners to choose from and lunch recipes to try. And goes easy on your pockets!

  1. No language barrier!

It is very good if you can manage to speak some Swedish to later on cope up with the corporate bandwagon but even if you don’t, there is no problem. Everybody speaks very good business English in Sweden and the articles too have strong English vocabulary. You might want to brush up your English speaking skills before you join the Masters/ doctorate programmes 😉

Conclusively, if you want to be happy, make friends, enjoy a different culture, want to learn a new language ( only if you want!), work as well as study, be valued for your professionalism, have fun while learning and get yourself globally certified, nothing should stop you from checking https://studyinsweden.se/ and register yourself, friends, relatives or refer anyone you care about the wonderful prospects. Life is wonderful journey to learn, earn and re-learn, so why not start here?

Photo credits: http://www.mladiinfo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/University_of_Gothenburg.jpg

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