TEDx Gothenburg

Hej hel guys !!! I really hope you had the chance to assist TEDx Gothenburg. First of all I hope you know what TEDx is, do you?

TEDx are part of the initiative TED “ideas worth spreading”  and I am telling you TEDx is always an inspiring experience! I am going to leave you one of my favorite talks so you get familiarized with TED 😉


When you attend a TEDx event it is impossible not to feel inspired. It gives a boost to your life and dreams! I attended last year but I have to admit this year topic attracted me more.

So this year was about “When life gives you lemons” . What do you do when you get lemons in life ?? The answer to the question is really meaningful because it does not matter if u get 1 lemon or a Kg of them. How do you face the challenges in life and what do you learn from it, makes you the person that you are today. Sometimes hearing from others experiences makes you reflect about yourself and encourage yourself to be better. So I wanna share some of the thoughts from TEDx Gothenburg 2014:


The first talk was my favorite. Manuel Knight grew up in a ghetto in USA and moved to Sweden for a girl. He  had a hard time getting used to Swedish way of living. Specially the part where you don’t say Hi to each other ;). He mixed humor with nostalgia and made a roller coaster of feelings through his speech. The so called Corn philosopher left us with the thought “If you want corn, plant corn!” which seems really straight forward and simple but it is more powerful than it seems. Sometimes you get tired of something, discouraged or have lack of faith which makes you quit and regret forever. Also, when you think you are working hard to get something but maybe in the wrong way or like he would say “you plant onions and expect to collect corn” so his advice is: faith, preparation and execution!!! Do not quit, work hard! Things do not come for free. Things are not a gift falling from heaven. If you want something, you fight for it and make a refreshing glass of lemonade for every lemon to go on!

Lemonade or …. ? 😉

From an expert in “Touch” (yes, an expert in touch you read well 😉 ). We learned the importance of human contact! Her advice was simple: “TOUCH MORE.”  There is an impact when you touch people. You create a connection with touch and that s why it is so important! It helps you to tolerate stress, to fight loneliness! Baby monkeys will die without the mom’s touch, this is how indispensable to touch is! In a technological society where we are all SO “CONNECTED” we have never been more lonely! It is important to recover the sense of closeness with each other. This winter go out and touch more. 8 HUGS a day are the doctor recommendation 😀 !!


From a victim of a raping we learn a valuable lesson. How an act as despicable  as raping can turn into something good. Even though it took her years to recover from her friend betrayal; she made it! Instead of staying in, scared and frustrated, remembering the lemons from life. She added some sugar and started helping people. Now she works with young men. She help them to be aware of the dangers and eternal regrets of raping. Also, she encourage other people, boys and girls, who have been raped to share their stories to help others! Inspiring isn’t it ?

Remember that to make a change you don’t need to start big “The largest of fires can start with a sparkle”. You also do not have to play by the rules “Revolution: Destroy the perfect to enable the impossible”. Be yourself  and learn to laugh “when you can laugh at things they are not so bad anymore.”

This last phrase I want to recall is from my other favorite talk. Angelica Lödwin, she is a transvestite. A man who forever knew that he wanted to look like a girl but it was not accepted. So he did what he was supposed to do. He got married and had a family. His wife, “an amazing human being” how he refers to her, supported him completely. When she passed away he decided to make it public and that is how he became Angelica in London. He came back to Sweden and realized that “people take much less care about you that you would think”. He shared his new life with his daughter and is an extremely proud representative of Transvestite community!

angelica lodwin
An amazing example of courage!

I hope you enjoy my summary about TEDx and decided to attend one of this events. I can assure you, you will not regret it !  I could write you a lot more about all the amazing speakers and many of their lessons and inspiring lives but I think is better when you look by yourself 😀 !! I hope this will encourage you to do it!


Vi ses snart,

 Naza 😀

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