Lapland, Reindeers and Rollercoasters: Welcome To The WinterLand!

Hello hello everyone! Is it only me or the Christmas spirit is around the city?. Lights and decoration are gracing Gothenburg and everyone is preparing for the first snow.

Reading a newspaper (Yes, I am trying to practice my Swedish) I found that Liseberg would be opened the last Friday to start the season of the Winterland!.

Everyone told me that I had to go there because is really beautiful, and I confirmed myself.

Liseberg Winter Wonderland has multiple attractions for you to have fun there. Don’t be afraid of the cold, get your winter jacket and once there you will be running like a kid so believe me you won’t regret ;).

First of all I visited the Christmas Market where I found lots of handicraft and homemade bakery, besides that there were also the traditional Liseberg wheel of fortune where you can get a giant size chocolate which I didn’t win but I didn’t wanted anyway ( cry cry 😥 ).

P1240501All the market is adorned with Christmas lights but not only the kiosks but all the trees are adorned too. This is extremely beautiful but that’s not all, you can find snow!, everything is decorated as if had snow the day before.

Do you have the soul of a child?. Then go to write a letter to Santa in the Santa’s Christmas Workshop where you can see all the procedure of how your presents are being manufactured by hundreds of gnomes. Don’t worry, after work the gnomes have some spare/nap time and you can see it too ;).

P1240456Are you out of budget but you wanna go to the North Pole? Don’t worry in the park you can visit the ‘Lapland’ area where besides snow you can find reindeers and feed them!.

If you are an animal lover go to the ‘Nordens Ark’ where you will have the opportunity to see and pet goats, sheeps and pigs, they are really polite if you are polite with them :).

Since I was in the opening we made the countdown and when we got to zero we saw the enlightenment of the huge Christmas tree in the shock tower of Liseberg, wonderful!.

After that there was a show of Ice Skating, I was beyond excited to see it because I never saw one before. But listen to this, I was really excited watching the ice skating play but can you imagine me ice skating?


Yes, I did it!, and you can do it too. It was the first time in my life and believe me I wanna do it again!, I enjoyed it so much. Ok, I have to confess that at first I was standing not moving because I didn’t know how to do it but slowly, slowly I learned and at the end I was skating like a pro (no way, but I was moving at least!).

P1240515I have to say that I didn’t expect to try so many new things in one day, but overcoming the cold definitely paid off!.

See you in Liseberg!, I’ll be there again for sure :D.

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