What can we do when sunny days are gone ? :/

Well well, cloudy and rainy days have reached Gothenburg!  Which makes you wonder about being outside with the chilly winds and unexpected rains. So, I would say is time to search for how to have fun indoors !! What do you say ? 😉

Barbeques and picnics are gone with summer BUT it does not mean that fun has to go away as well. Here I will let you with some choices to endure the indoor time in Sweden.

1) Home made food: Entertain yourself a whole afternoon inside preparing a home dinner for your friends. Dinner gatherings become more and more common when winter is close. It is super fun to share the table with your friends and show them what do you usually eat back home. Make an international dinner and each of you can bring a national dish. Share and laugh with them and you will forget about how is the weather outside 😉 .

costarican dinner

2)Playing dates: why not going back to the old and play some card or table games with your friends. It might be funnier than you think to discover the competitive side of them even in a simple card game.

3)Cocktail nights: This one, I gotta say we practice a lot 😉 and boost our imagination in unbelievable ways.  I wish I could say that we stick  to the traditional cocktails recipes but it was not the case. Of course everyone made their own special creation 😉 and the results are not to be share 😉 . For sure you will have a lot of fun trying your and your friends new experiments.

with the guys

4) Movie nights: Every Sunday night we would gather in the place of the friend with more space to fit us comfortable 😀 We would cook together (sometimes not as peaceful as you would expect) . Anyway, we would share a nice meal and move to the TV and watch a nice movie.


5)Be by yourself: I know is fun to spend a lot of time with your new friends but sometimes you need time for yourself. These days give you the chance to lock yourself in and grab your favorite book with a cup of warm chocolate, your favorite blanket and sit beside the window watching the rain goes by and transporting yourself to the wonderful world of the book in your hands.


6)Find common interests: I found out that one of my friends really enjoyed the same TV show as me. So we gather every week and watch one (or two, or more 😉 ) chapters of our favorite show. It got our friends thinking about all the fun we were having and they looked for a common TV show to watch together as well. So it seemed like it was a good idea after all.

7) Fika: Of course I cannot leave out the fika. Embrace Sweden as you practice their most famous way of sharing with others. Fika is easy. Find a cozy coffee shop or at your place and share a cup of coffee with some cake while you catch up with your friends.

8) Baking days: I have never been a girl who get together to do girly things but in Sweden I kinda was force to it. At the end it was not as bad as I expected and actually I enjoyed a lot. You can join your friends for a baking afternoon, learn how to prepare your home made kanelbullar or semla. Make yourself officially a Swede 😉 . Of course guys you are welcome to join as well 😀


9)Sleep overs: You are never to old for a sleep over 😉


These are some of the tips I have for you guys that will help you to go from sunny outdoor days to rainy indoor ones without missing any fun or social life 😉 . I hope they help you to keep your mood up. I actually LOVE cloudy days but rainy ones really make you move inside home. Let´s see whether this will be helpful and any other recommendation are always welcome!!!  I know you guys have more imagination and different experiences than me to share with others 😀

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