Mini Bonus Blog Of The Week: I Saw a Squirrel!

When I say monkeys, jaguars and crocodiles do they sounds like exotic animals for you? Well…not that much for me since we have those animals in the tropical part and the jungle of Bolivia. But when you say reindeer, moose or squirrel, they really sound exotic for me!

Let me tell you what happened some days ago. I was walking happily when suddenly just next to the university an exotic creature came up: It was a squirrel! Let me tell you that I never saw a squirrel in my life so this little one was my first, and I will confess that I got scared when I saw it, I stop suddenly and I froze and when the squirrel saw my reaction she froze too! And there we were looking at each other till I made a small movement and she left quickly.

After that you should have seen me between the bushes trying to find it again until a friend saw me and she exclaimed: ‘What are you doing there?’, ‘I am looking for a squirrel’ I replied 😀 .

Vuelve ardillita!


One thought on “Mini Bonus Blog Of The Week: I Saw a Squirrel!

  1. Hahaha GU needs to feature more of these cute spur of the moment type posts. I felt this way when I first saw a squirrel too. The little things such as a squirrel surprise are just some examples of a humorous cultural experience.

    Lucky for you over there, I miss Gothenburg tremendously.

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