Trick or Treat? Halloween Is Here!

Hello everyone! I am excited about the upcoming week, not only because is my birthday (ok…I said it 😉 ) but also because the spirit of Halloween is invading the city.

I see this celebration as an opportunity to share with friends and try something new; it is indeed unique especially for people that come from countries that don’t celebrate Halloween.

For those who are in the city and also for the ones that are planning to come I’ll make you a quick review of the broad activities that Gothenburg will offer concerning Halloween.

We actually started yesterday with the International Halloween Party in ‘Sticky Fingers’ that was like the warm up for the next week. My costume?, I was a Pin Up Girl!

The next weekend almost all the clubs will have Halloween themes, but a nice option is Yakida, a club located in Storgatan, that will offer the ‘Beyond the Grave’ event whit a Retro vibe!


To close the Halloween season, on the 8 of november Chalmers will offer one of its traditional Halloween parties, the huge Halloween-FestU with live performances and music to dance all night long, one tip: get your tickets as soon as they are available because these get sold quickly!. Of course these three parties are with mandatory Halloween costume, time to be creative!. But if you are not the kind of person that likes to be characterized don’t take it as an excuse for not sharing with your friends, wear your normal clothes and go have fun!

This is getting really fun right? But we are students in a multicultural environment, so why don’t we take advantage of it? Did you ask your neighbor or your class mate how they celebrate this Halloween season?

In my country for example, we celebrate ‘Todos Santos’ (1st of November) that is a celebration where we remind all our relatives that passed the way. We prepare their favorite food, drinks candies and fruits and present them in an attractive table for them to visit us that day. In the tradition we prepare ‘Tantawawas’ that is bread with the shape of a person and customized faces for garnish. The 2nd of November we say good bye to our relatives and eat that food in appreciation.


Given the multiple traditions worldwide, why don’t you and your friends prepare an event to show traditions of all countries? That would be really fun! And that’s the advantage of being in such a diverse place, we can all share customs that can be normal for us but it might be special for the others!

3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat? Halloween Is Here!

  1. That does sound like fun. In Ireland, we dunk our heads in a basin of water, and try and pick up apples with our teeth. That never sounded weird ’till right now.
    Glad födelsedag!

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