While winter can wait, Rain better get lost somewhere:)

Yet another rainy morning with the sun nowhere in sight? Sigh! Why don’t the rains get lost somewhere? Ever thought this way? Then read this.

We all need motivation that push early in the morning to get up from our beds, rise and shine and make a dash for our morning classes or the assignments lined up. Most of the time apart from the interesting activities, lunch with some girl friends or some shopping to get me through the day, what matters the most is, whether the sun is up or not. Yes it makes a difference! But alas, as winters are coming closer and closer, and the temperature is dropping to a single degree centigrade, the rains are having their share of fun too. Much to our miseries, we have all our gum boots on, umbrellas out, scarves on and hoodies adorn. Rain does dampen our spirits at times and affects our mood too.

The buses  and trams get huddled up and crowded too as there is this sudden lot of people that are inside and you find yourself standing most of time. Sigh! My plans of reading a book on the way to school just got shelved.

Yes, I can unabashedly admit that I dislike the rains inspite of the cleanliness it brings and the water surplus and what not. So I feel winter can wait for some time, while the rain can get lost somewhere. And I have my 10 reasons.

1) When rain falls mostly there are clouds, big and black and the sun gets lost somewhere.

2) There are absolutely NO particular clothes for rainy season. Why? OK we have rain boots but they can’t be counted as outfits.

3) There can be nothing sad than looking out of the window the whole day and waiting for the rain to stop.

4) All your pending work becomes more pending as you rush home from classes.

5) You somehow don’t feel that hungry like you do in winters or summers.

6) When Rain falls it usually falls at a stretch for days altogether.

7) Everything becomes slippery and slimy outside.

8) Here, there is no season for rain, it comes between summer and autumn, autumn and winter, winter and spring, spring and summer. Grr!.

9) You can’t go running, walking, cycling, Rain is a big exercise spoilsport!

10) Finally rain limits your choices, it puts you in a spot about eating out(or not!), stay at home and watch TV as its pouring badly or not wearing your new heels as it might be dangerous.

Conclusively, yes we all know that while we may not be too fond of the rains, the sun is more valued even if it takes a peek after the rain is gone. Even the cold winter is fine and can be tolerated (at least the snow!). The Rains teach us to be grateful for the good weather days that are coming on the future. But a head start to the long winters, so get ready with your snow boots, jackets, shorter days, caps, coffees and all the enthusiasm and positivity to battle the winters. They are knocking at the door!

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