Rainy days? Indoors fun! (non-stop!)

Hellow fellows! I had a busy week in the University but I have to say that it was equally proportional to the fun that I had!

When you are a new student here in Gothenburg, the University gives you a card full of activities from amusement parks to Yoga. These activities are really useful to get to know more about the city, have fun and also meet new students from all around the world. This week the card offered us Opera held in the GöteborgsOperan that is, by the way, a stunning place.

Growing up in a home full of classic music due to a musician father made this a special occasion for me.

The play was ‘The Marriage of Fígaro’ by Mozart, and let me tell you that the staging was more than amazing. Can you imagine real sized trees and fire on stage? We had that together with talented voices and a wonderful orchestra. Even though the language (Italian) made the play a bit complicated to understand, with the help of a small magic box (Cellphone) and the genie that lives inside (Google) we been able to understand and we enjoyed a lot.

P1240293Some people can say that Opera is boring but if you have the opportunity to come and see the amazing performances held in the GöteborgsOperan I suggest you not to miss it, I promise you won’t regret 😉

I thought nothing can be crazier than watch an opera in Italian language with Swedish subtitles but what do you think about Swedes singing loud and screaming? Well, this week I also attended a Hockey game!
The Frölunda Indians played against Luleå. I didn’t know what to expect since this was my first hockey game in my life. I am a football fan and believe me when Latin people watch football we get crazy…really crazy!. In the case of Hockey I noticed first that the food and drinks are cheap!, nothing that I expected to be sincere. Also the people get really into the game, they are screaming and cheering for the team and they even have cardboards to make extra noise.

blog1From the presentation to the end it came to be a really fun event to which I will definitely attend again, I even got the Frölunda flag painted in my face 🙂

blog 3Do you wanna know the score? We won! 2-1, Frölunda scored in the last 4 seconds so I’m sure you got the idea that hockey game means excitement.

Sports fan or passionate about Art? As you see the city offers a wide range of indoor activities, just get your friends and prepare yourself for tons of fun!.

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