Kulturnatta! A night full of art and culture in Gothenburg

Are you into photography, cinema, painting, board games or maybe jazz music? How does it sound to have all of this and more in one night? Welcome to Kulturnatta!


The last weekend wasn’t a normal weekend because we had the Kulturnatta! A night full of art and culture around Gothenburg. From traditional Swedish dances till electronic music DJs lit the Friday night.

If you live in the city you probably had the opportunity to visit some of the places that had performances and shows. If you are not in Gothenburg try to imagine a huge bonfire with music and artistic demonstrations just walking by the street! Or imagine going inside a cultural place and have live performances of Swedish traditional music, dance and fika all for free!

There was not better excuse to gather with friends, explore the city and have a great time.

The program was extensive; all the representative places of Gothenburg opened their doors to allow us to get in an art atmosphere.

Arena 29, for example, is a cultural meeting place for young people and that night the place offered an art exhibition created by youths. The display together with the chocolate cake and coffee was a good start to the evening!

Are you into dance? The Folkmusikkaféet offered a selection of traditional Swedish dance and music by a very talented string duo.

Just nearby in Haga there was a live presentation of a DJ playing electronic and house music. But that’s not all, the stunning Hagakyrkan (church) opened its doors to show a concert too.

kulturnatta 1

Walking a bit around in Andra Långgatan we found a really nice painting exhibition, the theme: Women.

If you think this is already too much imagine walking in the street and get a kanelbullar by a stranger. This was possible thanks to the project Ridesharing Day that was going on in a lot of countries that night with the purpose to share something and make the people smile 🙂

To close with a flourish, in the Hagabions Café we found art performances following by a bonfire and chilling music. Can you imagine a woman dressed as a raven? Or a huge spider made of recycled materials? Yes, we found that and more at this place.

This event runs in October of each year so if you are about to come to Gothenburg you have one more reason to be excited, and if you are already here I’m sure you are looking forward the surprises that the next Kulturnatta will bring next year.

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