Morning musings in Sweden.


Well let me begin my post with a sheepish confession, I am not a morning person. But as autumn is on a high here in Gothenburg, I suddenly am! Maybe the feeling of not wanting to embrace the winter makes me feel greedy enough to relish the moment. But I am mesmerized by the Autumn mornings in Gothenburg. Here in Sweden, people love to talk about the weather, make their plans accordingly, wear clothes that are weather driven, weather is such a mood spoiler or up lifter here. So here am I, fingers itching to express my wonder at the mornings in Gothenburg.

Early mornings, the time between 7 to 9 am, there is a different appeal to Gothenburg altogether. People scurrying away hurriedly to catch their respective buses, old couples holding each other hands and talking a walk together, kids going to school or being led by their teachers and yes we students making a dash for our morning lectures. What’s lovely to see is almost every student or office going professional has a coffee or hot chocolate in their hands. Also not to be missed is the world of music that almost everybody is drowned in early mornings with headphones in their ears. There are other fitness enthusiasts who are clad in their sportswear or taking a run along the tracks or forest. Cyclists go to work pedalling away busily. Some people train their dogs and are often seen walking them around. Autumn mornings are lovelier with a chill nowadays accompanied by the smiling sun (mostly!).

It is lovely to notice however in a hurry people are to reach their various destinations; they “allow” other people to go first. Whether it is the buses, trams, cyclists, cars, they smile and beckon you to pass first with a “Varsagoda”. Even in the bus, people wait for you to go into the bus, and then they follow you. Coming from a country full of people it is sometimes nice not to face a lot of crowd in buses, trams, roads and restaurants (other than on weekends). It is also amazing that some people really get up very early, say 6 am and do their morning exercises or yoga in spite of having a late night a day before. Passion for fitness is the mantra I guess.

Mornings are a blessed time to kick start your day and to rejuvenate yourself. Little do we realize that in this fast paced routine, we sometimes forget and don’t notice what is so beautiful that lies in front of us. Coming to Sweden has made me see that unseen beauty of nature.  I may never be a morning person but whenever I do, I try to look up from my phone, glance past the meadows, boats sailing, people cycling and old couples cuddling. Makes me realize that there are other lovelier things to notice and be thankful in the world that we actually think of.

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