Holi Festival of Colors…around the city!

autumn tree

I don’t know about you fellows but in my country we don’t have well defined seasons, we barely vary in temperature throughout the year and we don’t have extreme changes from season to season. One day in summer we can freeze and one day in winter we can use t-shirts under a bright sun.

Let me tell you what happened to me. I was walking in the center of Gothenburg with some friends when suddenly I stayed static when I realized that from one day to another the city was full of orange and red colors! Autumn is here! I noticed this some days ago and my reaction was to stay astonished, looking at the trees that are illuminating the city with their beautiful golden colors. It looks like someone did an amazing art on the trees turning them in a range of hues that seem taken from a story book. I thought I was playing solo in this jolly reaction towards the landscape but no. Talking with other friends (especially people coming from distant countries) they told me that they had a similar reaction when they realized about the evident change that was going on in the city.

Ok, all of this seems to be a bit obvious having in mind that this semester is called ‘Autumn Semester’, but come on, the first time that I came to Gothenburg the semester was called ‘Spring semester’ and we were in -14 degrees and surrounded by snow!

Anyway, some Swedes told me that the weather will get a bit extreme from now on but if it is like this festival of colors then I can imagine myself being excited with the first snowfall! And isn’t it all about this? To get excited with the new things that we are discovering every day? For me it is!

Let’s be sincere too, the change from one week to another from being extremely sunny to being rainy and windy wasn’t that easy but if we focus our attention in the little gifts that this season is bringing we will discover amazing things surrounding us. The wind for example forced everyone to use jackets, rain coats and scarfs, if you see closely you will realize that Swede’s clothing match with the golden landscape! The earth tones dominate this season but maybe you will recognize me walking around the city wearing my electric pink scarf.

This is, I can affirm, the first time that I see such a colorful autumn in my life and as a friend told me pointing the remainder green trees: ‘is just the beginning’.

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