Hej, hej!

I think every student who has just arrived in Gothenburg for the new term is eager to find a place in Gothenburg where he can outlive his passion. For some it’s football for others it’s chess and for me it’s crafting! I love sewing, knitting, forging, photography and all that kind of stuff.


So last Wednesday I went to Frilagret to join a workshop for screen printing which was a lot of fun! I didn’t really know what screen printing was or how it worked, but there were some nice people showing me around and helping me with every step so that it didn’t seem difficult at all.


222Frilagret is a cultural center founded by the city where everybody is welcome to participate and organize events. Its main purpose is to support the ideas of young people by helping them with space and equipment as much as possible. So if you ever have something crazy, culture related in mind like teaching all your friends how to sew a dress, but you just don’t have the equipment to do so, don’t hesitate to ask at Frilagret.

Furthermore there are workshops about a lot of different things there every Wednesday between 5 and 8pm where you can learn to 3D-print or paint graffiti. Just check their website: http://www.frilagret.se/

I’m really happy I went there and I’m sure I’ll spend some great hours at this place while being in Gothenburg. Maybe I see some of you around there as well?

I hope all of you have found a place like this for yourself in Gothenburg! What are your hobbies? Do you maybe have recommendations about interest-groups which you joined?

// Vanessa

This blog post is a result of a blogger competition launched by the University of Gothenburg. The readers vote for their favorite and the blog post that gets most likes continue to blog for the University throughout the semester. Do you like this post? Then vote by liking or commenting it here or like this post on facebook. Voting ends Friday 26 Sept 10.00 AM.

Vanessa, 20, from Germany studies here for the autumn semester as an Erasmus student. Mathematics will be on her short list this autumn! Vanessa loves crafting sewing, knitting, forging, and photography.

One thought on “Hej, hej!

  1. Hm sounds interisting, maybe I should try to join one of these workshops and try to improve my sewing skills even though my new passion here is definitely canoeing 😉

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