Swedish Summer, Truly Yours!

I am brimming, I am beaming and I am upbeat. I am talking about the Swedish full blown summers. Picture yourself basking in the serene sun with the wind gently swaying your tousled hair in all directions, caressing it, petting it as if a lover would touch the tresses of his sweetheart. The days spent underneath the trees and the evenings beside the lake.

The days seem unending and the nights well, the tiny nights, there is hardly any darkness for more than 4-5 hours. The significance of summer holds even more relevance as it comes after the dark, dreaded, cold winters.

What I love about summer are not just the long days, the sun or the breeze. It’s the people, the attitude, the lifestyle and the summer activities .Everybody lives their life to the full between May and August. Apart from the youngsters flashing their bare midriffs and skimpy outfits, well they can afford to as they are so well toned from all the running, cycling, swimming and gym-training. Almost every day and night the streets are buzzing with concerts, karaoke’s or summer festivals for once and for all. The special summer courses for swimming, dance forms, pottery, music, cookery etc spring up and people enroll .It’s surprising how much weather can affect somebody’s routine and way of life.

Apart from learning a new craft or hobby, people eat a LOT! Soaking up the sun, swimming in the springs and the lakes, surfing, fishing and camping seems to be the ideal past time every other weekend. The paradox of Sweden pitches rustic friendliness against high-tech urban efficiency. Sweden is a haven of summer cottages, shopping, music festivals, fabulous art collections, palace hotels, state-of-the-art spas, and some of the finest food delicacies in the world.

What I have learnt here is the simple way to love life. Literally, Make hay while the sun shines. Life is momentary like the beautiful summer. Like summer may sometimes carry with it strong winds and heavy rains, life can be not so pleasant sometimes .It can carry severe dark winters but we know that summer will follow soon after. Relish and embellish yourself with each and every moment.

 Live Life by the lines:  

“Whether or not, the weather is fine, I will trudge along, It may or may not be summer all the time, but it will turn out just fine”

/ Divya

This blog post is a result of a blogger competition launched by the University of Gothenburg. The readers vote for their favorite and the blog post that gets most likes continue to blog for the University throughout the semester. Do you like this post? Then vote by liking or commenting it here or like this post on facebook.  Voting ends Friday 26 Sept 10.00 AM.

Divya, 27, from India, studying Masters in Management. A writer by heart and a frequent publisher of various text for a number of different international websites. Her mission is to bring a little India to the rest of us, through her. 

4 thoughts on “Swedish Summer, Truly Yours!

  1. Swedish summer comes alive through picturesque images carved with words. An invitation of a kind….truly yours.

  2. Nicely written Divya, could almost feel the Swedish sunshine while reading it. Summer in India is quite different (infamously!), so it’s good to know how much it is celebrated in some parts of the world.

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