Gothenburg by boat :D

Hej hej guys!!! So the week is over ! TGIF!!!! 😀 but I have good news for you. The fun is not over at all!! Remember that this weekend is free entrance at Liseberg !!! You should definitely go!

P1200440Actually today I wanna tell you about the boat tour I took today with 85 other students of Gothenburg!!I could summarize it in a sentence: It was amazing! but I think you deserve a little more since I saw many sad faces going back without getting a spot on the boat 😦


First of all, for future years I want to warn you that even before 3 the spots were almost over! So make sure you go with a loooot of time ahead to make sure you actually make it to the boat!


As I imagined and told you before, this new perspective of Gothenburg from the water is completely different and stunning! All nice faces out the boat stare at you and wave back with happy faces enjoying the end of the sunny days in Sweden. Swedes might be distant people but they never deny you a smile when you take the first step 🙂 !!


Besides beautiful it was an adventurous and dangerous trip, where if you do not pay attention you might get your head lost in some of the bridges :O !! No need to fear! We are all alive thanks to our lovely guide and driver.


I think that we were at a V.I. P boat because we even had a dancing show included! Yes yes, you heard well. We had the chance to see beautiful Swedish girls dancing just for us. We sang swedish songs and answer a quiz according to the information we heard over the trip. The surprises are never done, there was a price for who answer most of the questions right 🙂 !!! Guess what ? We got one ! 😀


So I think that at the end of the week there is nothing more to do than to thank all the people who worked to make all these activities possible. They made sure everything worked for us. They got us in touch with our new home. I think they deserve the biggest thanks for all the hard work and perfect organization! Specially for the warm welcoming to our new home: Gothenburg! So, THANK YOU organizers and sponsors for an amazing week !

Vi ses snart,

Naza 😀

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