Art mingle!

Hej hej !! I came by today to share with you one more of the activities the city has been planning this week for all of us: students in Gothenburg!

I visited yesterday the museum of art and Göteborgs Konsthall. We enjoyed of 2 different guided tours. The first tour was through an exposition that tried to combine Nature and Culture using different concepts of art and society. The second tour showed us different master pieces that are conserved at the Museum as unique pieces.


Besides of getting to know Swedish artists, history and famous art pieces that represent Gotheburg’s life; we had the chance to admire paintings from famous and recognized artists such as Picasso or Van Gogh. Also there was the chance to take your own home. Of course not the famous one 😉 !! but a nice picture to decorate your new room!


This was not all. You had the chance to explore your own imagination and creativity. The exhibitions counted with workshops to explore your artistic side. I hope you created your own master piece 😀 . There was also the possibility to express yourself through words. There were some papers asking your opinion about the experience at the museum. Either you expressed your artistic self by craft or writing, I hope you liked it.


The mixture of art and fun was all around the “Art Mingle”. At the end you could mix all your intellectual self with the sportive one and have a ping pong battle in the middle of the museum.


I wish you are all having a lot of fun this week!

Vi ses snart,


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