Gothenburg by bike !

Hej hej guys !! Did you enjoy the Bike tour today ?? I did for sure! If you could not make it today. Remember that there is another one on Thursday! Same place, same time. You just need to book it!


It was 3 H of fun and 13 stops of knowledge. A very enthusiastic group, full of friendly faces and a very caring guide. Starting in the main street of Gothenburg up to the main square: Götaplatsen. I recommend you this tour because besides of getting to know Gothenburg by seeing it. You have the chance to listen interesting facts of the history, which for me makes it even better.


We visited the faculty of Humanities and biked down to Körsvagen. Where we heard stories about Liseberg, Universerum and the constant changing exhibitions of the museum. Did you know that by getting into Gothenburg’s History museum once and by keeping the ticket you can enter other cultural facilities with the same ticket? Also, if you keep this ticket you can visit the museum next year without paying a fee 😀 (according to our guide 😉 I cannot promised the veracity of it ) but he has been living here longer than us, so perhaps he knows better 😉 . We can just try it out :)!!!


From there we biked down to Scandinavium and up to the square Gustaf Adolf, the founder of Gothenburg. Where we listen about the beginning of Gothenburg as a city. We got a deserved rest outside the beautiful Opera House. Our hosts made sure we had a bag we food and information enough to make it through the trip.


Going to the last stage of the trip! Biking to järntorget ( the Iron Square) and up to Slottskogen (biggest park in Gothenburg). Following to Haga and some universities buildings like Handels and the main building in Vasaplatsen. We reached our final stop and tired but completely satisfied head back to our encounter point. Where you could return your helmets and your bikes. Remember that you can buy the bike they lend to you!


P.S. Remember that the week is not over and more exiting events are waiting for you in Gothenburg!!

Vi ses snart,

Naza 😀

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