5 things to do in your first weeks

Seeing everyone’s updates all over Facebook about being back in GBG, it got me thinking about all the amazing times I had in my first weeks. So I decided to make a little checklist for your newbies, of all the things you should definitely do in your first few weeks:

1. Visit the Islands! Enjoy them while the weather is still amazing and hop on the next ferry to visit the islands of Archipelago! For little inspiration, see my post here.

2. Join a GISA event – especially in the first weeks, there is loads of great events with the International students association (I hope you all know it by now, if not check it here right now!) that will introduce you to the city, culture and let you meet loads of other international students. Make sure you join for the kick off party, International dinner and the City Challenge…the day we won is still one of my favorite memories.

3. Attend an Olof party. In case you don’t live in Olof, you definitely need to make some friends who do – You will definitely meet loads of them in GISA events!. Olof is like a big student village with loads of international students so the pre- parties are always a great fun, as well as their endless BBQs and dinner meet ups!

4. Have an afterwork! Happy hour and free food on Friday after school? Thats what I’m talking about! If you need some help with finding the right place for your taste, my Afterwork guide might help you 🙂

5. Find your favorite Fika spot! I think you understood it by now – it’s all about the coffee, cakes and good company in here! So find your favorite spot for this nice tradition! From my favourite, I would suggest:
– Cafe Berlin in Vasagatan for cool interior and cheap coffee
– Cafe Krynglan in Haga for the best cakes, Sunday waffles and a very cosy atmosphere
– Way Cup in Domkyrkan for early breakfast, nice soups and a good place to work
– Da Matteo (i.e. in Magasinsgatan area) because you did not live in GBG if you’ve never been to Da Matteo…it’s a fact.

Good luck and don’t forget to take the best of your first weeks!!
Puss och kram,

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