How does Gothenburg welcome us!!?!!

Hej Hej guys !!! I hope that you had a great time at the awesome concert outside the Opera house in Gothenburg. If you miss it, here is some evidence of how good it was 🙂


It might had a slow start. However, many international students were there from the beginning to do not miss a thing. Starting the warming up of the concert with some Dj´s and the warm words of the speakers on stage. I hope you got inspired by people who, like you! chose to build a future in Gothenburg and are now proud and happy with their decision.


Sandra Mosh

Of course the organizers let the best for the end. As 8:30pm was approaching the space at the Opera square was getting full of people. Swedes and internationals join to listen a very famous Swedish band: Hoffmaestro. Who created the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the night until the end!


I think for most of us was a relieve when he finally switched to english 😉 . Otherwise, it could have been maybe hard to follow the funny dynamics during the concert. Which, by the way, I hope you did not get hurt while participating ;).


Also, I hope that you got some of his advices. As a summary for the ones who missed the concert and skipping some not appropriate words for this blog 😉 : DO not be scared of the new beginning you are facing now in Gothenburg. Do not stay aside, get involved and enjoy every moment of the beauty of college life. Remember college is a thing you live only once, you are young only once. So GO OUT and actually live your college life.

Specially in a city like Gothenburg where you have this kind of opportunities to enrich your years of study.

REMEMBER!!! Tomorrow the bike tour 🙂 if you don´t find space for tomorrow, try on Thursday but do not miss it 🙂 !!! Art mingle on Wednesday and Boat on Friday! See you there !!!


Vi ses snart,

Naza 😀

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