New semester update!

Hey everyone,

it’s been a while, I know! With summer travels coming along and starting my new internship, the time has passed quicker than expected!

This semester will be a bit different for me as I will be doing my internship in Germany…I really didn’t want to leave Gothenburg, but when I got accepted to Design Internship in Volkswagen, I just couldn’t say no! So having a GU name on your CV certainly help 🙂

This internship is part of my Master course and it will last for the duration of the first semester even though I’m doing mine for almost 6 months as VW do not offer shorter internships in my department of Innovation. Anyway, it will be seen as a full semester and of course I will get credits for it so I can then come back to Sweden in January to write my Master Thesis about…well I need to figure out that one first!

Majority of my class is doing internships all over the world ( sending my virtual puss puss to Malin in Honk Kong), some of them are on an exchange in South Korea or staying in GBG to work on an integrated project with a company. I think it’s a pretty good opportunity for all of us as we all know how important is to shuffle some international work experience to your CV. Especially, once we start the real life after graduation. So I’m very happy that GU realises this and supports us in doing so.

However, I will still be keeping you updated: wether with my new intern life or with all the things Gothenburg related. I might be living in Germany now, but my heart is definitely still in Gothenburg:)

See my bag on the picture below? It was my goodbye gift from Swedish friends and it says I ❤ GBG so I promised to take it everywhere in Germany so I don’t forget where I have to return to…as if:) (and yes the rest is a group of my usually very happy friends who had a bit too much German beer night before)


So enjoy your first weeks (I am indeed very jealous) and for now, Puss Puss from Germany!


Lucia 🙂

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