Kulturkalaset in Gothenburg!

Hej hej guys!!!

I hope you enjoyed the Cultural Festival this week in Gothenburg. For those of you who have not arrive yet. This week in Gothenburg every single square is full with an interesting and entertaining activity. It goes, from singers to handcraft, food and dancers and many more.

Götaplatsen has been full with people every night, enjoying the different performances from a variety of artists. I will let you some evidence of the great week that is going on in Gothenburg 😉 I hope you enjoy it!


Beside Nordstan you can find an amazing international market with food, drinks and sweets from all over Europe and beyond ;).. Do not miss the opportunity to try some of them ;).


The Avenny is crowded the whole day. People wondering around to see as much as they can and enjoy the nice weather and light hours :). It is really nice to hang around since the activities are very diverse and they fit any taste. Magicians for kids, music for youth, music for older people, food for everyone.


Tomorrow will be the last day, so I recommend you to leave your room and walk around. I bet you will find something of your taste.

Vi ses snart,

NAza 😀

P.S Sorry guys I had some videos of awesome music but I did not think they they are too heavy to put them here. Anyway I can tell you all the artist were awesome!!! Happy end of Summer!!!

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