Everything is about location!

Hej hej guys sorry I have been lost but Im back with more tips for you. I hope they will help you when deciding to come to the awesome city of Gothenburg :D!!!

When designing an advertisement , location is important. When planning a date, location is essential. When searching for a house, location will define your future. So, why would it stop being important when choosing where to study? Right?

I used to live in a little land in the middle of Central America, with a perfect location to travel either North or South. Sadly, I have to confess that I never had the chance to explore these opportunities. Now I have moved to a much bigger land in the north of Europe with a very special location as well: Gothenburg!


One thing I got to discover in Europe is that Europeans travel around a lot; and why not? When is so easy to move around. Even though they do travel a lot, people from south or central Europe have rarely visit the Nordic countries, which is a shame, since they are stunning and very different from the rest of Europe.

Brännö island in Gothenburg
Brännö island in Gothenburg

What I want to say with this is that living in a city like Gothenburg gives you such an opportunity to explore North Europe. There are several cheap bus companies (i.e. nettbus)to visit either Oslo or Copenhagen. In only 4 hours you will be able to discover the neighbor countries of Sweden.


The good thing is that Gothenburg allows you not only the possibility to discover the north but also to travel quite cheap and easily to other countries around like Poland, Hungary, Germany, Italy and so on.


I just spent the most awesome summer traveling around to Oslo, Germany, Czech Republic and very soon to Spain. This is why I haven’t been around lately ;). I will update you later ;).

Now, about traveling! There is a small airport in Gothenburg, the city airport. From where you can find cheap flights from companies such as Ryanair and Wizzair. Look for a long weekend or a free week to plan a cheap travel around and get to know a new country. It would be cheaper if you travel out of high season or if you book in advance ;).

Leipzig, Germany
Leipzig, Germany

To motivate you to plan your travelling I ll leave you some pictures around! Remember to make good friends to save money in hostel ;). Offer your place back, be a nice guest, invite them for a beer. Create a nice way to pay them back ;).

So, I will tell you more later, for now I let you with the thought of planning your first travels around!!

Dresden, Germany.
Dresden, Germany.

Vi ses snart,

Naza 😀

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