My first camping :O !!

Even though Gothenburg is the second biggest city in Sweden, it is not hard at all to find a peaceful spot to camp. Allmansrätten, or “Every Man’s Right”, is a famous law in Sweden which allow people to camp in the countryside and wild places. For me to experience my first camping in Gothenburg has been an amazing experience.

During your trip you can see many many places to choose and camp but you gotta find the one that fits you 🙂 . We made our camp close to a big and beautiful lake outside Gothenburg.


It was a very quiet place, where the only noise that reach your ears would be birds and frogs. Almost no one was around. The weather so warm and bright that make you wanna jump into the lake as soon as you get there.

There are plenty of things to do when you are out of the city. First of all, to forget about being on line and any kind of connection to the world. You will be surprised from the calm that being “off line” will bring you . The forest in Sweden are quite different from the tropical forest back home but not less beautiful. So, take your hiking shoes and explore the surroundings of your camp. Only you and your thoughts ( be careful not to get lost 😉 )!!!


When camping, not all is fun, there is work to do. Build up your tent on your favorite spot, make sure you will wake up with a perfect view ! Prepare some barbeque or fire to make a comfy dinner in the middle of the forest. Enjoy to sit and eat on the floor surrounded by nature and your dearest friends.


The fun is not done after dinner. With the long hours of brightness in Sweden you can have a loooong day to go back to the lake, built a fire, play some games or read your favorite book in the middle of nowhere. However, it would get colder and it is time to sit around the fire and share some candies and scary stories ~.~ !!!


I hope you have a comfortable and warm night in your tent 🙂 and that any mosquito get inside :O I can assure you that the feeling of waking up in the nature, with a perfect view, fresh air and any noise will make anything worth it!!


So guys this was my first camping experience and I would definitely do it again. It doesn t matter if you stay one day or one week, just enjoy the different environment and appreciate the beauty around you! I hope you find your perfect spot and have an amazing camping experience as I did !!

Remember to keep the place as clean as you found it or cleaner!!


Vi ses snart!!!

Naza 😀

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