Best student friendly spots for Swedish food!

Every time I have someone to visit me, they always ask to try some Swedish cuisine and traditional food. So after a year, I am bringing the best of my hunt for student budget friendly spots for Swedish food seekers!

1. Café du Nord


Well, of course first thing that comes to one’s mind when you say Sweden is meatballs. This place was introduced to me by my friend Dani and it was actually one of the first meatballs I had in Sweden (apart from well…IKEA, how classic).
The place is located very conveniently on Kungsportsplatsen, with a price way lower than any other place around. The inside is not that amazing but they have a lovely outside bit with a nice view. The meatballs are massive, so 4 of them is definitely enough for one!


2. Bar Noba

This is by far my favourite spot in Gothenburg…I just love everything about this place: from the concept, interior design, food and cheap beer.
In terms of food, they have more variety of Nordic cuisine in form of Swedish tapas – I highly recommend the smoked salmon in a bread roll with horse radish…It is just too good to be true.
The place is super cosy in winter with their fur and open fire places and has a nice open terrace in summer. Definitely worth a visit.
I wish I had taken more pictures, but every time I’m there, I am enjoying my visit too much to think about pictures 🙂 But you can check their instagram page to get the idea !

Do you know any other places that should be included here? Let me know!

Puss och kram,

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