Happy Midsummer!

Last Friday was the magic Midsummer day that everyone has been talking about for weeks! It is supposed to be the longest day of the year – after that day the days will slowly begin to be shorter and shorter again. It is another beautiful holiday that show the warmer side of Swedes – they happily gather around, braid flower crowns and dance around a big stick like frogs. Literally.

It is mainly very family oriented holiday so we gathered all the people that create our “family” here in Sweden and decided to visit a public celebration in the Slottsskogen park. 


Even though half of our household was Swedish that day, it happened to be my responsibility to prepare the Midsummer menu (under Hanna’s supervision of course):

roasted new potatoes, smoked salmon, sour cream with chives (the famous Midsummer gräslök) and variety of herring. Accompanied with some wine and bubbly, it was the perfect menu for our picnic in Slottsskogen!


We picked the flowers and leaves and braided our very own Midsummer flower crowns, listened to live traditional Swedish music and some of us even joined the typical dance.

IMG_3415 IMG_3422

We finished the day in an open air party in the Delsjön lake where we danced and welcomed the morning sun…by morning I mean around 4 am where the sun rises here in Sweden now. And it really was beautiful. 


Puss och kram,

Lucia 🙂

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