First year of my Master: DONE!

I actually can’t believe that the first year of my Master is done! It was an amazing ride with loads of ups and downs, especially in the last days of our final project when we pretty much moved inside our studio and challenged the boundaries of how much can a group of four girls do in a week. However, the moment we saw that smile on our client’s face after our final presentation, we knew it was all worth it.


Thinking back about this academic year (they teach you to reflect here a lot), I can happily conclude it was better than I could have ever imagined: even though it was sometimes very hard and tiring, I fell in love with my university and realized Business & Design is definitely something I want to do in my future. I’ve met some really amazing people in my class that made everyday school life pretty extraordinary. I visited the Design week in Shanghai, worked with designers and the city of Gothenburg in developing our campus, designed a new branding strategy for a Swedish company, experienced the real life of working in a design consultancy and learnt how to cope with being out of my comfort zone. And finally, I got a fringe (highly personal moment of my Gothenburg life).

IMG_2906 IMG_3127

I got rid off of all the prejudices I ever heard about Swedish people and discovered that they are a great bunch of people with a life attitude that we should all learn a bit from. I embraced the Swedish minimalism, appreciation for the environment and your well-being, respect for the others and the importance of equality and having a time for a cake. I successfully survived the winter and discovered the charm of the (literally) endless Swedish summer. And the fact that everything tastes better with a bit of dill or cinnamon. 


Tomorrow is mid summer – the oldest Swedish tradition that everyone has been talking about for ages now. So I can’t wait to experience it for the first time, in our usual way: starting with waffles, Hanna making traditional Swedish celebration food (potatoes, eggs and salmon all the way) and then meeting up with my international family and our Swedish friends to celebrate it all together. And, of course, me writing about it couple of days later 🙂

To sum up: So far, so good…or better say: so far, better than imagined!
Puss och kram!


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