Where to catch the best sunset in GBG

I think Sweden is surely becoming one of my favourite countries to be during summer. All of sudden, the days are so long and so bright and there is so much to do in Gothenburg – it definitely is a summer city!

The last thing you want to do is to be sat somewhere inside during the evenings so we started to look for some outside evening social activities: and catching the sunset above Gothenburg has become one of my favourites.

Here are my two favourite spots (and the fact that they are both located in a walking distance from my house is just a pure coincidence 🙂 )

1. Masthuggskyrkan


It is pretty much a church located on top of a big hill of Gothenburg. However when you climb up that hill (by that I mean 10 stairs), you will find yourself on top of Gothenburg with  stunning views all over Majorna, Hissingen, the sea and the city centre. The relief of the mountain is perfect for picnics, bbqs or just casual hang outs around!


2. Henriksberg


If you want something “less nature”, Henriksberg is a good shout. Located just below the Masthuggskyrkan, it is a very chilled bar with a rooftop terrace with the most amazing view, located on the riverside. They have nice food and very good price for beer! Sometimes they charge entry fee for the terrace during Friday/Saturday, but it is usually free during the week.


How to get to both locations: trams 3,9,11 and the stop is Stigberstorget.

Have a great summer in GBG!

Puss och kram,



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