You love traveling? – Cities close to GBG

Hej hej,

the semester is ending, hope you’re doing fine!

If you have some time left before leaving GBG and think about to travel somewhere or if you’ll be an Erasmus-student next semester or if you’re resident here, I have some tips, which cities you should visit during your stay in GBG. 🙂

I can recommend you for the first 2 destinations (cheap tickets!) and for Stockholm (book some time in advance for cheap tickets ; )

1. Oslo

ca. 3:20h by bus

Highlights: Opera House, Harbour, National Gallery, Sculpture Park

20140328_13142620140328_1300261613957_614721141954099_648934438_n20140324_17111520140329_130414_bb20140324_145627 20140324_153357


2. Copenhagen

ca. 4:20h by bus

Highlights: Nyhavn, Christiania, Tivoli, City Hall Tower, The little Mermaid Statue

Recommendation: Free Walking Tours

20140404_141855 20140403_19214120140403_15420820140403_15324320140403_15402720140403_14505620140403_1302203. Stockholm

ca. 3:20h by train

Highlights: Gamla Stan, Vasa museet, Fotografiska museet, City Hall Tower, Skansen museum

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My personal favorite is Stockholm. Closely followed by Copenhagen. 😉 These cities are extremely beautiful and I love that there is so much water in the cities– I am not used to that. 😉

Hope you found my post inspiring. What’s your favorite northern city? Do you have any other tips? Please tell me in the comments.


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