About saying bye!!

Hej Hej guys !!! how are you doing ??? busy with exams ? Well, I have been busy as well :/  but summer is here and school is almost done ! sooo dont give up!!

Being an international student can give you so many good experiences but you know what they say: Nothing comes for free! Getting to know amazing people, wonderful places and having the time of your life have a price. And it is to say good bye to your friends or as I like to see it: To say “see you soon”!!!

At the end of the semester many of the people you know will have to go back home. A mixture of feelings will be around for the last weeks you will spend with them. They will be happy to go back to their families and friends but sad to leave the life they have built in this beautiful city. Dont spend your time regretting things and being sad about it. Instead, go out and spend as much time as you can with them . Let them know how important they have become to you and that friendship do not end when they cross the border of Sweden.

Met in Iowa 2010. Reencounter in Costa Rica 2012. Christmas in Sweden 2013!!
Met in Iowa 2010.
Reencounter in Costa Rica 2012.
Christmas in Sweden 2013!!

Not everything is bad about saying bye. My favorite part is to think when am I gonna meet them again? 🙂 You know what!!…  Reencounters are the best part of saying bye. When after so long time you get to meet your friend again;  it is like you guys just had dinner yesterday. Nothing has changed! It is the best feeling ever. To remember all together the good times and make new memories. Maybe back in Gothenburg, maybe visiting another country, who knows!!

Don t be afraid of saying bye. At some point it becomes part of life and it is something you have to live with, so it is better to learn how to enjoy them 😉 !! Don t you think ?

see you soon !!!
                      see you soon !!!

Just to show you how wonderful, saying bye and saying hi again it is!!! I will share with you our re encounter weekend with our German friend. Do you remember me complaining about them leaving ? Well, now one of them is back and having the family together again is priceless and super funny!!

It is a completely new experience to meet him again. We have new friends that he hasn t meet. The weather in Gothenburg is so different that it seems another city. Probably we have changed as well but some things never change. There is where you find the connection that kept you together as a group for so long.

All together again :)
             All together again 🙂

As I see them walking in the street I think how different the city will be without their laughing, smiles, messy messages on facebook groups 😉 , random dinner or improvised fikas in the hallway 🙂 . I will miss them sooo much!!!  but it is part of life to meet wonderful people and  to let them go. I know now that this city will not be the same without them but also would not be the same if I didnt meet them. It is better to have all those wonderful memories and laugh random in the street when you remember those crazy guys that made Gothenburg so worth it. Specially it is good to know that it does not matter where they will be, friendship and memories don t go away and your friends will be waiting for you all around the world.

Gonna miss you guapas !!
      Gonna miss you guapas !!

Keep studying and make your luggage. I bet you have some friends to visit this summer !!!

Vi ses snart

Naza 😀

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