GBG – Second Berlin?

We were once told during branding lecture that the contemporary culture and lifestyle of Gothenburg is actually the most similar to Berlin, not any other Swedish city. 

And the longer I live here, the more I see and feel the connection; especially when you do not get off the tram in Jarntorget but instead continue more west. Up then, you will find the neighborhood Majorna with very creative and hip atmosphere (very HDK I must say), often considered as ‘the real heart of Gothenburg”.

So this week, we decided to visit some new places and hang out in a bit different environment than our traditional after work in Avenyn.
We attended one evening exhibition ‘Zines of the Zones’ in a little gallery ORO in Majorna. The exhibition consisted of a large collection of self published and DIY photo book from artists from all around Europe, collected and exhibited by a photographer Sergej Vutuc.


As we arrived a bit earlier, we took a little walk around the harbor and beaches in Roda Sten. It was right after a two rainy days, so it was very nice to be out again in the fresh after-storm air.

IMG_2940 IMG_2938

The exhibition was very interesting and quite inspiring I must say. As it was collected from all over Europe, we got the chance to practice our language skills and I was pleased to find some little books in my maternal language.


The exhibition itself is over by now, but you can find out more about upcoming events on their Facebook profile:

Puss och kram!
Lucia 🙂

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