Piece of Italy in Gothenburg

I have to say, I should be very thankful to all of my friends who are still willing to hang out with me since I have become blogger for Letters from Gothenburg. There is a very high chance that whatever we do, I am going to get my camera out at some point and
say : “would you mind just casually stand over there so I can take a picture of you??”

So when that happened during our most recent coffee with Flaminia, she went all Italian on me and asked me when am I going to write a post just about her as she has been a big part of my blog content from the post one. So here you go, Flami Pami. (Also, can everyone please appreciate her new summer haircut…Tack se mycket)


She is my dear classmate and a very talented graphic designer with the best Italian attitude, big heart and love for all things design related. She is my favorite working out buddy, dancing partner in Sticky Fingers (I swear that is a name of a club in here 😀 ), coffee breaks partner in crime, design consultant and definitely my most loyal Pinterest follower. She is an amazing friend and supporter and I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be writing this post if she didn’t encourage me to apply (Thank you note is in progress 🙂 ).


As she comes from Rome, she decided to take me for the ‘real coffee’ to a little Italian bistro in the heart of Gothenburg, in a little street just off the Kungsportsplatsen. 

IMG_2839 IMG_2841

The café itself was very cool with a very chilled vibe without that super coziness and cuteness you get in Haga (I mean nothing against it). I mean tiles on floors, metal furniture and insanely good coffee. Even though the inside is quite small, they have a big terrace outside that is very nice, especially during these warmer spring months.
And if you are looking for some Italian groceries, you are definitely in the right place!

Puss och kram,
Lucia 🙂

And if you wanna see all the rest of our adventures, you can follow me
on Instagram @lusicir 

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